Moet Chandon Dom Perignon 2006 CONFIRM 2006 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir French Champagnes, Epernay France
The House of Dom Pérignon has always perpetuated the unexpected, balancing the personality of vintage with the timeless spirit of Dom Pérignon. Like all Dom Pérignon of the 1st Plenitude, Cuvée 2006 has evolved under the chalky cellars at Epernay, forming layers of complexity, richness and depth. Dom Perignon remains mysterious and sensual, sophisticated and elegant, tactile and enigmatic. Seamless, from the first to last sensation, Dom Pérignon embraces the palate with a flow of flavours which linger, seemingly forever.
The history of Champagne is inseparably linked with Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, who refined the process of the world's most desirable style of wine in the seventeenth century. The unique and inimitable chalky vineyards, retain heat from the sun and moisture from the rain, which is gradually released, acting as a natural regulator.
Honey coloured, white sunflower hues. Remarkably rich bouquet reveals itself in successive waves, first the intense fruit, more black than red, which then melts into silvery minerality. Notes of praline and coriander complement the whole. Strong character and powerful presence, there is even something physical about Dom Pérignon. Overall, it is structured, focused, firm and dense, its intriguingly spicy, flowery finish remains present in each sip.
Moet Chandon
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