Stanton Killeen Classic Muscat 12 Year Old 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
I couldn't believe that anything could be so good. I'm talking Rutherglen Muscat of course. The flavour lingers even now. And how can something so decandent so wicked so intensely pleasurable not be illegal or at the very least extremely expensive?.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The Stanton and Killeen parcels are situated three kilometres due west of Rutherglen on gently undulating picturesque farming country. 30 hectares of the best well drained soils are planted to vines, and range in quality from gravel ridges to red loam on the slopes under which lies a porous clay. It is on these latter soils that the Classic Muscat is grown. Sunning the oaken barrels that hold the Classic Muscat, and rotation through a complicated formula, develops the melt in your mouth characters so enticingly the result of the Solero system utilised by 6th geeration winemaker Chris Killeen. Alcohol 18.
Colour is clear scarlet red, with viscosity and depth like refined sultana juice. Nose is overwhelming, there are florid characters, mixed nuts, rancio, jaffa and sweet green herbal essences. The palate is luscious and immediate, a rush of butter, sweet fresh tobacco leaf, gumnuts and parched raisins. There is honey, citrus, fruitbread and green tea. An ebbing and flowing counterpoint between semi-dried out grapes and musty varietal sugars. An excellent after dinner drink, especially with coffee. Works well with strong cheeses, fruitcake and walnuts.
Stanton Killeen
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