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Frontignac South Australia
Hardys have delighted young and young at heart, fun loving palates across Australia with their lively and zesty Omni range of sparklers. While not actually being blue or blueish, Omni Blue is a sweeter, fruitier style of sparkling made from aromatic grape varietals like the luscious Frontignac. A fresh and lively wine with moderate alcohol, this is the perfect all occasion sparkler, best enjoyed chilled and young with good company. Celebrate your life every day, add colour to your world and create your own Omni sparkling moments.
A sweeter sparkling style made from parcels of perfumed, lusciously aromatic grapes. Omni Blue is fresh and lively, the aromatic characters are maximised in the fermentation process by select yeast processes, a cool fermentation and arresting the vinification early to give the wine a natural sugar sweetness. Produced in the Italian Asti style, fermentation was halted before the wine reached dryness producing a low alcohol, sweeter sparkling style. Omni Blue exudes all the premium qualities of the most distinguished, premium wines crafted by the illustrious Hardy sparkling winemaking. A fine effervescent Cuvee exhibiting the balance and elegance one would expect from Australia's leading winemaker. Alcohol 9.0%
Pale straw with green hues, a persistent bead and lively mousse. Fruity and fresh aromas on the nose with a distinctive lemon sherbet character. A delightfully flavoursome palate is brimming with tropical nuances and luscious, sweet fruit derived flavours. Fashioned to a traditional sparkling style, vibrant and mouth filling with delicious expressions of honey dew melons and mango along the palate. The natural sweetness of the grapes is retained throughout the winemaking process. The dulcet nature of the wine is beautifully balanced by a lithe effervescence, a distinct creamy quality and a fresh, juicy finish. An easy to appreciate sparkling wine that nears perfection, to be enjoyed with fruits and dessert, chocolates and cheese.
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