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Chenin Blanc Frontignac South Australia
Omni is the Latin word meaning all and every, and is the perfect name for a sparkling wine with universal appeal. The fresh, lively characters and full flavours are ideal for all occasions. Omni Citrus is a vibrant sparkling wine made from the premium aromatic grape varieties Frontignac and Chenin Blanc, and enhanced with the zest of natural citrus fruits. A fresh and lively style of wine with a moderate alcohol content, it is ideal for all occasions. A wonderfully pleasant and summery Sparkling wine that offers lovely triopical flavours and a lively attitude. Enjoy with all foods and sweet company.
Omni winemaker Hardy's has enjoyed outstanding success, developing the market for Australian wine around the world and establishing a range of popular wines that are muchly treasured at home and abroad. A diverse range of Hardys vineyards have provided the fruit that has been blended into this refreshing young wine. A light and delightfully youthful sparkling, Omni Citrus is joined by its sisters in the Omni range to offer an accessible and popular selection of flavoursome and easy to enjoy vibrant sparkling wines. Alcohol 9.0% pH 3.21 Acidity 6.3 g/litre.
Pale straw with a youthful green hue. There is a brilliant effervescence and wonderful bead that contributes to this lovely tropical wine's creamy mouthfeel. The bouquet is gentle yet lively, bubbling forth with a wonderful assortment of islandy, fruit aromas. Omni Citrus is fresh, soft, luscious and enjoyed by all. It displays the lively flavours of classic citrus varieties with a fresh finish.
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