Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

So what's a Bolivian Kiss? Agwa is the only distillate in the world to contain Coca leaf. Made in Amsterdam to a recipe of forty botanicals and herbs, Agwa is ideally served ice cold or in shooters with a squeeze of lime, the unique qualities of Agwa makes amazing cocktails. Squeeze a wedge of fresh lime into your mouth and down a shot, it works in the same way as the Andes practice of chewing Coca leaves, the lime changes the pH in the mouth and activates the alkaloids in the leaf to produce a heady oxygen buzz.
Available in cartons of six
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Bales of Bolivian Coca leaf are shipped under armed guard to Amsterdam where they are distilled. The Coca is then blended with other herbs like Guarana and Ginseng to balance the taste and augment the effect. Dry roasted seeds of Guarana, traditionally used by Brazilians to improve sexual stamina, are an ingredient. Coca Leaf is a traditional medicine, used for thousands of years by habitants of the Andes. Coca leaf alkaloids work by speeding up the rate of absorption of oxygen into the body's capillary system. It is a natural rush, and naturally controversial. The result is similar to a prolonged caffeine or tobacco buzz, but more than that, it improves stamina and is a sacred symbol central to community life.
Emerald green. Men's cologne, herbs and sweet fruits. A thick, supple entry, candied lime and green tea elements meshed with ginger and light herbal notes. Finishes with a sweet, citrus fruit glide and a noticeable, caffeine head rush a moment later. Agwa is extremely flexible BUT to maximise the super oxygenation effect, the recommended accompaniement is almost anything with lime.
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