Majella Malleea 2004 CONFIRM 2004 VINTAGE

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Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Coonawarra South Australia
A superior Coonawarra vintage, and a great Australian Cabernet/ Shiraz, from thirty year old vines cropped at a mere 1½ tons of fruit per acre, Malleea has amassed a litany of trophys and accolades throughout the years.
Malleea continues the great Australian tradition of Cabernet/ Shiraz. Majella winemaker Bruce Gregory was taken with the idea of creating a super premium blend, the wine was named Malleea, an aboriginal word meaning green paddock. Bruce Gregory's creation has received such overwhleming reviews, that the Majella winemakers have literally thrown money at the crafting of this superlative wine, especially in the oak department. The ripest parcels of fruit from the oldest vines, gently fermented under the Brands Coonawarra cellars, transferred into new French oak hogsheads to finish fermentation. The wine is then matured for two or more years in the same barrels, before bottling in fine, imported Italian bottles.
A rich, dark magenta colour. Aromas of black and red berries, bayleaf and plums, spice and vanillin oak. The palate is like a complex fruit cake with layers of fresh berries, black olives and hints of chocolate. Fine dusty tannins enhance the finish.
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