Grandin Piccolo 200ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Ugni-Blanc Colombard Cabernet Groslot France
Since 1886, Grandin have been producing the finest and most successful Vin Mousseux in all of Vallée Loire. These are France's most amiable and approachable sparkling wines, renowned for their freshness and titillating aromaticness. Crafted to full and true Methode Traditionelle, Grandin begins with a rigorous selection of fruit, before being treated to a regimen of ancient vinification techniques and a minimum twelve months under secondary ferments, building creamy texture and infusing flavour.
Available in cases of 24
Case of 24
An attractive sparkling wine, profuse effervescence and rich straw gold color. Scents of floras and yeast, light citrus and hints of toast. A palate of juicy, flavours, delicate almond and hazelnut characters are supported by citrus fruits and buttered brioche notes. Crisp and elegant, a fully rounded palate, lingering with vitality and exquisite freshness on the finish.
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