Daleside Blonde Lagered Ale 500ml

Blondes United Kingdom
Daleside Blonde Lager Ale is unique, the only ale in the world known to us that has been lagered. The result is a very different kind of drink brewed to appeal equally to both male and female palates. The beer drinker should find this especially refreshing, whilst the larger drinker will discover new complexities of taste
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This Lager is top fermented at a warm temperature (as is normal for ale) using special ale yeasts, but brewed in a conical fermenter designed for Pilsner Lagers. The ale is then lagered (cold stored) to produce the mellowness of premium lagers. It is cold conditioned for a length of time equivalent to the highest quality lagers. Alcohol 4.3%
Smooth, creamy and subtly fruity, medium dryness. Light transparent ginger blonde. Cascading surges of various different tastes giving way to a suprising dry finish
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