Matilda Bay Big Helga Munich Style Lager 345ml

Lager Australia
A dry, Munich style lager, big by name, strong bodied and well rounded. Big Helga is a beer that is easy to drink, but still has a level of complexity that will keep the keen beer lover interested. Inspired by the Munich Oktoberfest lagers, also known as Helles Lagers, Big Helga would go a treat with a big continental sausage and mash or good Spanish tapas
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Big Helga pours to a golden amber hue, slightly deeper than mainstream lagers, capped with a densely packed white head. Using their own malted barley, Matilda Bay brew Big Helga in the traditional all malt brewing method, without the addition of sugar. The inclusuion of Pacifica hops makes a refreshing fruity hop aroma
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