Red Hill Brewery Red Hill Wheat Beer 330ml

Hand crafted brews made from estate grown Hops make Red Hill an oasis of beer within a deluge of Mornington vineyards. The rustic bush setting surrounding the Red Hill operation makes a beautiful setting to brew a limited range of the finest, award winning, boutique beers and ales. The devoted staff at Red Hill work with an almost religious fervour, while enjoying the view of a panorama of vines growing the highest quality estate owned Hops. An exciting Wheat Beer brewed from the purest Mornington water, Tettnanger hops, wheat malts and aromatic yeasts
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Established 2004 by Karen and David Golding, Red Hill Brewery is powered by an eight hundred litres steam engine. This hands on operation specializes in a limited range of award winning beers, all are made from estate grown hops and the purest Mornington ingredients. Red Hill is unique, in that it owns and operates an onsite hopyard, where it organically grows all it's own hops. Red Hill use the whole hop flowers, dried by their own staff right on the brewery premises. Four varieties of hops are grown, Hallertauer and Tettnanger, Golding and Willamette. Growing over a foot a day in December, reaching eighteen feet in height, they make a spectacular sight. Alcohol 5.0%
Cloudy in appearance. Aromatic and highly carbonated, lightly hopped with estate grown Tettnanger hop flowers. You may notice banana aromas from the special yeasts and higher fermentation temperatures. This is balanced by a tart finish on the palate from the high percentage of Wheat Malt in the grain bill. You really must drink this one in the 500ml tall glasses specially designed for this beer to fully appreciate the creamy, white head and aromatics
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