Mildura Brewery Mildura Choc Hops Chocolate Stout 640ml

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Seasonal Australia
The cocoa used to brew Choc Hops Stout is organically grown to South Pacific islands and included in the form of both raw and roasted nibs, produced from the initial processing of fermented and dried beans of the cocoa plant. Both the raw nibs, that originate from Vanuatu and the roasted version which is Fijian, are sourced from dedicated ethical standards suppliers. All the cocoas used by Mildura Brewery have been produced under environmentally sound principles offering socio economic and ecological benefits for the people of the South Pacific
A complex, dark beer developing a dense creamy mocha head on pouring, it displays a beautiful deep ruby hue in the glass. Hints of chocolate and vanilla on the nose are derived from both raw and roasted cocoa nibs added along with dark chocolate malts at the brewing stage. These subtle chocolate notes develop alongside a silky smoothness in the mouth and a complex array of other flavours that might variously include spiced fruit cake, stewed prunes, cherries and perhaps even a trace of licorice. The fairly high degree of natural palate cleansing acidity balances the initial sweetness, giving Choc Hops a delicious drinkability that stouts of this complexity often lack. Alcohol 5.2%
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