Glenkinchie Single Malt 12 Years Whisky 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Situated near Edinburgh, Glenkinchie is one of the last active distilleries in the Lowlands. Originally named Milton Distillery it was founded in the 1820s and changed hands several times before being sold to a local farmer who converted the distillery into a sawmill and cow shed. When the consumption of whisky resumed in the 1880s, the distillery was restored and it became part of the Distillers Company Ltd in 1914. Obscure for many years, Glenkinchie has became famous as a Malt and as a component in Haig, Johnnie Walker, Buchanan and Dimple.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Distillers Company Ltd -DCL- later became part of United Distillers and Vintners -UDV- who are current owners of Glenkinchie.
Appearance is pure pale gold. Light, slightly dry, smoky spiciness. A light, sweet nose with fresh, slightly sweet flavours of grass, fruits and malt giving way to an intense smoky-dry, spice-filled finish. A light sweet nose with barley-malt, green grass and wisps of autumn smoke. Palate develops slightly sweet yet fresh, exhibiting late-summer fruits and harvest fields, young wood and malted barley. A firm yet light body that moves to a surprising warm finish, dry with a smoky spiciness.
Scotch Whisky
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