Matter-Luginbühl Mansinthe Absinthe by Marilyn Manson 700ml

Mansinthe Absinthe by Marilyn Manson 700ml - Buy
Formulated with the direct involement of Marilyn Manson, himself an absintheur, Mansinthe is an exclusive distillate of fine herbs, naturally coloured and unsweetened. Manson has always procured the finest bottles from Absinthier Markus Lion, with whom he collaborated to produce the signature Mansinthe. Manson was intensely involved in the development, constantly tasting the samples, and providing direction towards determining the final Absinthe. The label features a watercolour painted by Manson himself, entitled When I Grow Old.
Kallnach in Switzerland is renowned for the making of fine watches, prize winning livestock, and Absinthe. Tradition has it that in the 1920s, Ernst Luginbuhl-Bogli exchanged a prime Simmentel cow for an old Absinthe recipe named Kallnacher. This recipe resurfaced during a search of business records in 2005 around the time of the Swiss government's decriminalization of Absinthe. Kallnacher is a traditional Swiss La Bleue, reminiscent of the clandestine Absinthes of the prohibition. The Matter-Luginbühl Distillery at Kallnach now produce Absinthe Duplais Art Edition, the very fine Mansinthe, Absinthe Brevans HR Giger, Blanche Traditionelle Brut d'alambic, and the Absinthe Marteau Verte Classique. Alcohol 66.0%
Mansinthe is distilled from the traditional wormwood and fennel, green anise and a multiplicity of other fine herbs. After the addition of water, the liquor takes on an opalescent milky green appearance, exhibiting a prominent flavour profile of the active ingredient wormwood. An elixir to be appreciated by Manson fiends and Absinthe connoisseurs alike
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