Ardbeg Double Barrel Islay Malt 1400ml

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Scotch Whisky
Containing two slightly different bottlings of Islay Malt, each from a unique barrel of 1974 Ardbeg. The individual casks have developed their own distinctive character, kept separate since their genesis, for the ultimate indulgence by the most discerning Whisky enthusiast. Exquisitely presented in a bespoke, handmade leather gun case, accompanied by hallmarked, sterling silver drinking cups, minted by Scotland's most eminent silversmith. Double Barrel is the most prestigious articulation in Islay Malt, only 250 sets have been made.
Hand blown embossed bottles, sealed with the individual cask number. Hand stitched bridle leather made in the UK by Purdey, Beretta and Boss, the same craftsmen who make the world's most opulent gun cases. Eight solid silver drinking cups, all hallmarked and minted by Hamilton & Inches. Each cup is engraved with Ardbeg's bespoke zoomorphic design. Leather stitched sampling register, leather stitched book The story of Double Barrel, a bespoke Omas/LVMH pen. Each pair of casks selected for Ardbeg Double Barrel is a feast for the senses, combining the full and complex spectrum of rich, seductive and deep flavours in Ardbeg, together as a harmonious pair.
Deep golden treacle. Nose of sumptuous sweetness and enticing spice, laced with seductively fruity floral notes, an amazing depth of peat which has soaked into the perfumed oak. In each double barrel, you will find two unique single casks, one revealing a more deeply exotic Ardbeg weaving sweeter luscious fruits, spices and velvety tannins over voluptuous peat oils. The other, deeper in the archetypal and highly aromatic smoky waxy complexity for which Ardbeg is renowned.
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