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Scotch Whisky
The origins of Black Label date back to when Alexander Walker took over the family label in 1857. Realising the genius and untapped potential of his father's blends, Alexander was inspired by Johnnie's signature smoky style to copyright Old Highland Whisky. By 1889, John Walker & Sons were established in London, Sydney and Paris, few brands had such global reach. Double Black is assembled from the deeper, darker, peaty Malts of the west and coastal islands, emphasizing the smoky characters which have made Johnnie Walker the world's most loved Whisky.
By expertly blending the more powerfully flavoured, naturally smoky west coast Whiskies with those matured in charred oak casks, the Johnnie Walker Master Blender introduces a deeper, smokier and more intense Whisky with an essence all of its own. Double Black is assembled from peaty West Coast Whiskies to particularly emphasise the smoky elements that have made Johnnie Walker famous. Double Black amplifies a trademark characteristic of Johnnie Black, notably the smokiness, to delivery a new intensity in the liquid, aimed at Whisky enthusiasts who already appreciate the character of Johnnie Walker and are keen to explore the character in more depth
Rich gold colour. Aromas of fresh citrus and vanilla come to the fore immediately. The best way to release this great nose is to add a small drop of pure water. On the palate, flavours of dark raisins, orange, clove and that unmistakable long, lingering, smoky finish. A big Whisky taste, owed much to the most strongly flavoured Single Malts, heavily peated, aged in deeply charred oak casks, to give the blend additional intensity
Johnnie Walker
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