Bundaberg 10 Year Old Port Barrel Rum 700ml

Bundaberg 10 Year Old Port Barrel Rum 700ml - Buy
Bundaberg Port Barrel is the second limited release from the exclusive Master Distillers Collection. The Bundaberg Master Distillers Collective is continuously exploring ways to create great tasting Rum. They used their expertise to finish special Rum Reserves in Port barrels and then add them to a perfectly balanced blend of six year old Rums. These Port barrels have been sourced from the Barossa Valley and have been ageing Ports for up to 35 years. Allowing Rum the right amount of contact with Port infused oak barrels is initself, a highly challenging art.
Finishing stocks of Reserve Rums in Port barrels fortifies Bundaberg with exceptional character and gives it a soft, rounded finish. Each bottle in this limited release has its own unique code. An outstanding Australian fine spirit that the Master Distillers Collective is truly proud of
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