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Things are done a little differently around the Jack Daniels distillery and that's what gives Jack his distinctive character. Jack is charcoal mellowed, drop by drop, then aged in his own hand coopered barrels. The still-masters don't follow a calendar. Jack is ready only when the distillery's dedicated tasters say it is. They use their five senses, just like Jack Daniel himself did. In fact, more than a century later, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is still judged the same way. By the way it looks. By the way it smells. And of course, by the way it tastes.
Jack Daniel was obsessed with making nothing but the finest Whiskey. For him, that meant mellowing his Whiskey drop by drop through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal. Seven generations later, The Jack Daniel team still mellow their Whiskey just as Mr. Jack did. The reason is simple, it imparts a distinctive smoothness that folks have come to expect. Charcoal mellowing makes Jack Daniel's what it is, a Tennessee Whiskey and not a Bourbon. It refines the rich flavour even before it's fully matured in Jack Daniel coopered barrels. Yes, it's a painstaking process that demands extra attention and makes it a bit more costly to craft. But Mr. Jack wouldn't have it any other way
Jack Daniels
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