Beluga Gold Line Vodka 700ml

The noble Russian Beluga Gold Line arrives beautifully boxed, splendidly gift wrapped and individually numbered, the perfect choice in Vodka for fine liquor enthusiasts. Beluga Gold Line is made for special occasions, its restrained strength and elegant taste are the marques of sage and sophistication. The exquisite packagaing includes a special small wooden mallet and brush, decorated by fish and leather lace, to tastefuly remove the sealing wax.
Beluga Gold Line is treated to constant quality control regimens at every phase of production. Uncompromising attention to every detail achives an unforgettable appearance. Distilled from the purest artesian water and the highest quality malt spirit, the secret recipe behind Beluga Gold Line includes undisclosed portions of rice and rhodiola rosea extract. A finely balanced assembly of components by the Beluga Distillery blend masters and a period of rest and integration all serve to articulate a delicacy of palate and engaging aromas infused by supple complex notes, the unique and luxurious hallmarks of Beluga Gold Line Fine Russian Vodka.
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