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Dolcetto Shiraz
And how popular are we? A refreshing red blend demonstrating the affinity between the fruity Dolcetto and a Rhonesque handling of Shiraz. Warburn Estate has created a fashionable Cuvee that's just so quaffable, immediately approachable and handsomely flavoured. Everyone seems to love this distinctive wine, it exhibits dashing plum and chocolate bouquets, and descends onto the palate with characters of fruit cake, ribena and spice. Perfect on summer nights and relaxed luncheons, it really comes into it's own with your favourite foods.
The grapes are sourced from premium vineyards, selected by the winemakers on the basis of vibrant fruit offering characters which are innately suited to the style. The refreshing qualities of the finished wine begin at the vineyard as the best batches of grapes destined are identified. The Shiraz must exhibit smooth tannins, while the expressions of the unique Dolcetto grape are preserved throughout the winemaking process. The fruit was harvested and brought to the winery for cold maceration, to extract the vital colour and flavour profiles. Following inoculation to select yeasts and vinification, the batches are trialled and marked for inclusion before ultimate assembly into the final wine.
Deep rich hue. Nose of rich sweet plums and blueberries, peppery spice from the Syrah. A great quality of this wine is the lusciousness of fruit, as punctuated by the refreshing acidity of the affable Dolcetto. The lingering fruit clings and refreshes, there's a depth and vibrancy to this wine that makes it sensational with good food, maybe even chocolate.
Warburn Estate
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