Hanwood Estate Hanwood Crisp Chardonnay 2011 CONFIRM 2011 VINTAGE

Hanwood Estate finds the best grapes, grown to the extensive resource of McWilliam's vineyards, to create Chardonnays which are consistent in quality and style from year to year. Each edition holds it's own unique place within the pantheon of reputable McWilliam brands. Hanwood Crisp is a zesty, lifted and fruitier style than your typical everyday Chardonnay, offering good structure and excellent fruit intensity. A freshly fruit driven, tightly focused wine that's excellent on it's own yet resplendent with chicken caesar, gourmet pizza or veal pasta.
From parcels of Chardonnay especially selected for their zippy character and bright refreshing charm. The sites are worked at differing times, some earlier than others to retain natural acidity, increase palate length and structure. Grapes are harvested throughout the cool of night and promptly returned to the winery. Fruit is crushed into drainers, allowing the best free run to be handled separately. Juices are chilled and racked, specially select strains of yeast are added for their ability to enhance the natural fruit character and contribute elegance. Upon completion, components are trialled and assembled into the finished wine, without maturation or any exposure to oak.
Pale straw with light green hues. Aroma of lifted citrus notes are beautifully supported by hints of peach and rockmelon. The intensely fruit driven palate shows stone fruit characters with hints of lemon, lime and apricot. The crisp, natural acidity from the early picked fruit offers great length and balance. A joy next to goat cheese recipes, Asian cuisine or crustacea.
Hanwood Estate
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