Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 375ml

Cabernet Franc Niagara Canada
Cabernet Franc is an unlikely, but interesting candidate for Icewine. With its brilliant red colour and rich flavours, Inniskillin craft a rare and exceptional, red hued Icewine, perfumed with an abundance of primary fruit fragrances on the nose, brimming with strawberry and cream flavours on the toothsome palate, textural and lengthy, before a smooth lingering finish. Renowned throughout the world of wine for its intensity and richness, Inniskillin is truly a natural wonder, extreme winemaking at its very best.
Ideally suited to winter season on the Niagara Peninsula, the magical process of crafting Icewine is guided by nature, the harvest can't begin until temperatures drop below minus eight degrees Celsius for a sustained period of time. Grapes are left on the vine well into the winter months to concentrate and intensify the flavours, as water content freezes, thaws and dehydrates in each precious Icewine grape. Icewine pickers arrive, often in the dead of night, to harvest the frozen clusters. The precious grapes are immediately pressed in the extreme cold to extract the luscious nectar, the water content in each grape remains frozen in crystals, leaving only a few coveted drops of concentrated, intense liquid.
The brick red skin of Cabernet Franc makes a brilliantly red coloured Icewine. Behold an abundance of candied red berry aromas on the nose, cherries, currant and piquant spice. Inniskillin is intense, sweet and sumptuous, yet balanced with brilliant acidity and a petulant frizzante, creating a unique sensation on the palate. A match to pink hued recipes or the finest cheese.
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