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Jerez Superior Spain
Barbadillo is one of the largest and most venerated producers of fortified wine in the whole of the Jerez region. Amongst their portfolio are some of the best known and prestigious brands of España such as Solear and Muyfina. Barbadillo was a true pioneer within the industry producing the first ever white wine of Andalucía, the Castillo de San Diego . Barbadillo specializes in the full range of sherries permitted within the Marco de Jerez. Its headquarters are housed in a striking building known as the Casa Palacio de la Cilla, which dates back to 1773.
The Barbadillo vineyards of Gibalbín and Santa Lucía extend over gentle, rolling hills within the famous Jerez triangle and are qualified as Superior due to the quality of fruit produced. These are the celebrated lands of Albariza, a porous, chalky soil characterised by its pale colour that's particularly well suited to the cultivation of vines grown for the production of the finest fortified wines. The climate is mild with more than 3,000 hours of sun softened by the cooling influence of the Atlantic. These factors, together with an ancient winemaking tradition which dates back to the Romans, allow for excellent ripening of the grapes, ensuring a high degree of beaume (level of sweetness) with only a moderate acidity.
A handsome, lightly tawny wine. An aroma of dried herbals and flora with musk, almond and pith, vanilla and cream. A drying palate of leesyness and tangelo, grasses, yeast, sunflower and Pompelmo before a long, clean finish of sweet bread characters, nougat and torte.
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