Catching Thieves Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River Western Australia
She tears down the darkened street, hair wild in the wind, dress blustering with the movement. Her heart pounds as running feet close in. At a corner she halts, before silently slipping into a crowded bar. Who is this woman? Why is she running? Is she a thief or is she running from a fiend? Neither, she's definitely on a mission but there's no panic, our heroine is resolved to capture the charm of Margaret River and deliver wines that appeal to the contemporary Aussie lifestyle. A sparkler with so much appeal, you'll do anything to get your hands on her.
Vineyards are managed to ensure canopy completely covers the vines to prevent sunburn and to retain flavours in the grapes. Sauvignon Blanc is pinched in the cool of the night from two different sites, one notorious for producing tropical fruit characteristics and the other for providing arresting grassy characteristics to the wine. As collaborators they create a layered, intensely flavoured sparkling. At the winery, high quality juices are extracted from the press and detained in preparation for vinification. A long, cool fermentation until dry, each batch is left on lees to impart textures into the finished wine. After a light fining, this fresh and intensely flavoured sparkler is treated to an early release. Alcohol 12.9%
Pale straw with light green hue, a finely beaded sparkling wine. Vibrant aromas of lychee and passionfruit overlay lifted grassy notes. An intensely flavoured sparkling with a core of succulent tropical fruits and a tight, dry, grassy finish. So what's the evidence? Catching Thieves is perfect with chicken caesar and good Al fresco. And the verdict? Enjoy this wine in its youth or lock away to the governor's pleasure.
Catching Thieves
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