Armchair Critic Under Over Pinot Gris 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio King Valley Victoria
The choicest parcels of Pinot Gris are harvested from high altitude King Valley vineyards where the long and sunny autumn days combine with cool nights to yield fully ripened grapes exhibiting crisp fruity acids and well defined varietal expression. The winemaking team at Armchair Critic have taken great effort to fashion an exemplary Pinot Gris without the influence of any oak, to showcase all the prime fruit characters which make this innately food friendly style of wine the first choice to accompany white meats, seafoods and risotto.
Under & Over are crafted through a minimalist approach to vinification, the focus being on maximum expression of distinctive varietal fruit character and heightened regionality. Vines planted to clay loam soils at altitudes of 650 metres above sea level are nourished by ample rainfall and stimulated by the crisp, temperate conditions to grow Pinot Gris with flavour profiles very akin to their siblings in Alsace and the cooler climes of France. Grapes are treated to a brisk tank fermentation at lower temperatures in a quick and precise manner to maximize and retain purity of varietal fruit character. The finished wine is matured unoaked on sedimentery lees to build texture while maintaining freshness and vibrant acidity.
Pale colour with fine clarity. Lovely nose full of rose petal and orange blossoms, exhibiting a clean minerality. The palate is fruit driven, light to medium bodied with pear and nectarine flavours matched by spicey and floral nuances, showing the trademark viscosity and classic Pinot Gris textures.
Armchair Critic
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