Underground Black White Pinot Noir 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

An Outrageous Bargain, 95 Points & Special Value Wine! -James Halliday
Pinot Noir Mornington Victoria
The love child of Mornington's highly revered T'Gallant, Underground are a troupe of highly accomplished winemakers with access to the finest fruit on the Peninsula. Crafted from the pick of Pinot Noir, assembled from a palette of outstanding, low yielding grower vineyards, Black & White is a quietly bespoke celebrity which blithely articulates the magnificence of Mornington's chilled Burgundian climes. A seamless classic of pastoral forest floor flavours and gently rolling tannins, bring your Black & White to a soirée of crisp skinned duck or pink pork noisettes.
Bright scarlet hues. Intense varietal nose of market berry characters, sasafras and barnyard, tomato leaf and spice. An exquisitely balanced, well rounded palate, layered with cherry rhubarb flavours and kept brisk by a spray of juicy granny smith acidity, underpinned by a length of fine, velvety tannins, resolving on an extended, chocolatey cherry ripe finish.
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