Grandin Brut NV Stopper Gift Edition CONFIRM VINTAGE

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In 1883, notary and wine lover Henri Grandin married Mademoiselle Pouillet de Limesle, whose family owned the cellars at La Bouvraie in the old royal glassworks of Louis XIV, situated underneath a splendid castle at Ingrandes sur Loire. In 1886, he launched the label that bears his name. Grandin remains to this day an elegant sparkling with an exceptional palate, fine bead and exquisite aromas. A limited gift edition with matching Agrafe, the official Grandin bottle stopper, arrives without any delivery fee by the dozen, anywhere in Australia.
Grapes are sourced from specialized vineyards in the Loire, Bordeaux and Charentais, pressed, inoculated and fermented into a dry still wine. To this base, a small quantity of drawing liquid, called Prise de mousse, is added to induce a secondary vinification. The fermenting wine is bottled and corked, encouraged by the action of waking yeasts. A second fermentation ensues under the caves of H. Grandin, hidden from light and far away from the warmth of Valley Loire. It is this ancillary ferment which fills the wine with effervescence. After a year in bottle, ageing on sediment lees, the characteristic subtlety and finesse evolves into the character and style that's known around the world as Grandin.
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