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Dr Frederick Kiel would take the trek by paddle steamer from Melbourne every summer during the late 1800s to spend his summers at Sorrento. His children established a grazing station nearby, on a property acquired from the Baillieu family along Portsea Ocean Beach, ultimately planted to vineyards in 2000. These are the most extreme western longitudes of Mornington, the undulating paddocks and sweeping views of tempestuous Bass Strait are a magical place for growing Burgundesque styles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, well protected north facing parcels of propitious free draining limestone and calcareous sands. The windswept maritime vineyards of little Portsea Estate yield the quality of Mornington that have to be experienced... Mornington's westernmost vineyards»

Belvedere Cytrus Polish Vodka 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Belvedere distills and blends essential oils from rich citrus to craft Cytrus, a luxuriant Vodka that bursts with real fruit aromas and flavour. Belvedere Cytrus seamlessly combines the crisp essence of Spanish lemons with the tropical complexity of Spanish limes. Belvedere Pomarancza and Belvedere Cytrus are the culmination of a four year process in which Belvedere searched the world for a flavour artist of the highest measure. Belvedere found this flavour expert in Elie Arnaud Denoix, an artisan with two hundred years of family tradition.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Handmade from lemons and limes grown to the sunny citrus groves near Murcia Spain, Belvedere Cytrus expresses the lively character of ripe fruit, a single ingredient Vodka, infused with quadruple distilled Belvedere spirit. Maceration is the artisanal process Belvedere employs to create the world's finest super premium flavoured Vodka. The process uses only natural ingredients, delicately drawing out the vibrant flavours of fruit peels and flowers, combined with the finest super premium Vodka and centuries old technical expertise
Crystal clear appearance. When frozen or mixed with water or ice, Cytrus turns cloudy, the result of a natural reaction that occurs when essential oils combine with water or reach lower temperatures. This cloudiness can only be achieved from citrus peels and the essential oils they contain. To experience the real fruit flavour in Belvedere, savour Cytrus in it's purest form, chilled and neat, on the rocks, as a long drink or as a natural Martini
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