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Balgownie are one of our nation's great small vineyards, pioneers of the reprise in Bendigo viticulture, with the foresight to establish vines in 1969, the first local plantings in over eighty years. Grown to terrains very near the tailings of Victoria's original gold rush, the auspicious Balgownie vines yield discreet yet exquisite harvests of the most edifying and undervalued Victorian vintages. A bespoke favourite amongst enthusiasts of the old school style in elegant and finely boned Aussie Shiraz, Balgownie represent the essential accompaniment to meaty eggplant inspired recipes, or a princely roast of lamb, the best of.. Balgownie begets the best of bendigo»

Belvedere Pure Polish Vodka 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Belvedere is the choice of top floor bars and stylish venues everywhere around the globe. Belvedere has been served in the homes of the hip and famous, through a series of private soirees from Los Angeles to Madrid, where a select crowd drink couture Belvedere cocktails and party, party, party! Belvedere regularly appoint the world's leading cocktail supremos to hold classes for talented, up and coming bartenders. Belvedere's smoothness allows it to be served neat or as the ultimate base in the most stylish Martini.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Belvedere was the worlds first super premium Vodka and represents the highest achievement in the art of Polish Vodka making. Completely additive free and crafted with water from Belvedere's own artesian well, a Vodka that's crafted with an uncompromising commitment to quality and tradition. Belvedere is distilled from ferments of exclusively Dankowskie golden rye, additive free and quadruple distilled for exceptional purity. Belvedere combines over six centuries of Vodka crafting expertise into every single bottle.
Crystal clear appearance. Beautifully soft and delicate nose. Good intensity of flavour, smooth and well balanced with the sweetness of rye counterbalanced by the warmth of spirit, the finest Vodka in the world. To experience the unique virtue of Belvedere, savour it in its purest form, chilled and neat, on the rocks, as a long drink or as the most refined natural Martini.
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