Canadian Club 20 Year Old 750ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

CC Black as it's known by adherents, the flagship of the Canadian Club range. Highly sought by the most discerning enthusiasts, CC is a favourite of the most sophisticated cocktail bars in the world's most dynamic cities. An exceptionally fine Canadian Rye of such sublime smooth character that it should be enjoyed neat or with a drop of water to unlock it's extraordinary qualities. The palate is deep and complex, layered and engaging before a long, flavourful finish, one of the new worlds great contributions to the culture of Whiskey.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
From the earliest days of the Canadian Club label, Hiram Walker established an unrivalled repute for the finest and most consistent Whiskeys, blended from a comprehensive stock of ageing spirits, twenty seven in total to be precise. The enduring Three Star Club became the cornerstone of the brand and is now one of Canada's most significant exports. The assemblage of fine Whiskey at Canadian Club is taken very seriously, components may be aged in sherry cask and kept for decades, painstaking but rewarding efforts which serve to achieve the legendary smooth palate and rich satisfying flavour we have all come to know and love as Canadian Club.
Canadian Club
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