Chimay Triple Beer 330ml

Abbey Belgium
Take a bottle of Chimay, uncork it, smell it, already the beer is giving off its subtle aromas. Then allow this incomparable liquid to pour slowly into its Trappist chalice. Then just close your eyes and savour it. You are not drinking an ordinary beer, this is a Trappist beer, a beer of tradition and sophistication. This top fermented Trappist beer, re-fermented in the bottle, is unpasteurised
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With its golden colour, slightly hazy appearance and fine head, Chimay Triple Beer is characterised by its distinctive aroma, a result of the synergy between fresh hops and yeast. The flavours are derived from the character of the hops. Above all it's the fruity notes of muscat and raisin that give this beer a particularly attractive aroma. The fruit complements the touch of bitterness. There is no acidity, but an closing bitterness which melts in the mouth
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