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Bourbon American
Southern Comfort was created by an entrepreneur a century ago, is still one of a kind, and still made according to the secret formula. Southern Comfort's the base ingredient in umpteen cocktails and drinks beautifully iced or straight. Janis Joplin used to drink it neat from the bottle. Sitting happily between a Liqueur and a Bourbon makes this singular Whiskey easy to drink and excellent for mixing. With its smooth, full-bodied taste, mellow aroma and rich color, Southern Comfort continues to win friends at home and abroad.
In 1874 M.W. Heron developed Southern Comfort in his bar near La Rue Bourbon in New Orleans and served it in traditional fashion from a whiskey barrel. To establish his up and coming brand he named the beverage The Grand Old Drink of the South and launched it commercially in 1885 at the New Orleans Cotton and Industrial Exposition where it was warmly received. Back in production after prohibition, Southern Comfort introduced a new label featuring the now famous Currier & Ives lithograph of a southern plantation house on the banks of the Mississippi
Dark amber colour. The incredibly rich fruit vapours from the liquor are dizzying and intoxicating; bitter and sour zests, baking spices, corn and fruit peel; puzzling and riddling, an incredible complex of sub flavours and sweet pleasant traditional bourbon characters are cleverly blended together into a traditional yet eternally youthful and contemporary Kentucky Liquor. One of America's finest whiskeys and one of the world's most esteemed liqueurs
Southern Comfort
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