Courvoisier VS Cognac 700ml

An assemblage of the finest eaux de vie in all Cognac, the character of each is shaped by terroir and fruit, cask and term of age. The most highly aromatic grapes are essential to the excellence of Courvoisier, distillation in bequest of smaller 25 hectolitre Alembic pots achieves a Spirit of the greatest refinement. Maturation in the pick of French coopered oak casks mellows the Spirit and infuses rich cocoa complexity, without overpowering the exquisite fruity and floral aromatic virtue.
Everything about the production of Courvoisier ensures a Cognac of the highest order, what many connoisseurs consider to be perfection. Courvoisier is France, through and through, but it also has a long, colourful and opulent heritage. Courvoisier was the official supplier to Imperial Courts and is known as the Cognac of Napoleon. It is also the only Cognac to be awarded France's highest award for excellence Prestige de la France in recognition of its outstanding quality.
Deep scorched amber hues. Aroma is everything for Cognac, a perfume of perfect harmony and refined balance, elegant and harmonious, strong notes of fresh fruit and cocoa oak. Luscious flavours of fresh grape on the palate, jaffas and pear, lemon rind and orange preserve, marmalades and piquant ripe fruit notes, the signature qualities of Courvoisier VS.
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