Gomersal Barossa Reserve Shiraz CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Barossa South Australia
In 2000, a group of enthusiasts who shared a passion for making and imbibing in wine were inspired to breathe life into an old, run down operation in the small western district of Gomersal. The forty two acres of low yielding vines now deliver a limited yield of Shiraz each vintage, a precious harvest of grapes exhibiting remarkable concentration and intensity of flavour. Working amongst the vines and sampling berries as the growing season reaches climax, picking never commences until the team are completely satisfied that complete ripeness has been achieved.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The Gomersal philosophy is to make wines which are the purest and most honest reflection of the vineyard. Minimal intervention, judicious use of oak and maximum flavour are the goals. A range of soils vary dramatically throughout the property. Clay over calcerte and slate bedrock, moving to more weathered slate at the bottom of an ancient glacier. Over the hill, soils are deep, sandy loam and black clays. East to west slopes with predominantly north to south rows, bush vines grow east to west on a south facing slope. This tapestry of terroir infuses subtle complexities in the grapes, which are retained throughout the vinification process and ultimately contribute to the splendour of the finished wines.
Deep scarlet, purple hued. Mint and fennel characters to the bouquet, aniseed and mulberry, bitumen and soot. Chocolate and licorice aromas lead to a robust palate of blackberry, black olives and cherry heering. Gomersal finishes with lovely balanced tannins and firm acidity. Match with char grilled roo fillets, marinated backstrap or saltbush hogget.
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