Yellowglen Bella Pink Moscato

Soft and juicy, pretty and delicious? You bet, fruity and feminine too. Made from the delightful Frontignac grape, a varietal that displays, more so than any other, the fragrance and flavours of ripe fresh grapes. Frontignac is perfect for fashioning into a luscious, pink hued, fruit forward sparkler. Serve at fancy chicken and wine breakfasts or at lazy afternoon teas, Bella makes the ideal accompaniement to savoury nibbles or romantic, shared desserts. Enjoy Bella chilled to make every occasion a success and just a little bit special.
Yellowglen have always been at the leading edge of contemporary styled wines. Beautifully ripe and luscious, the Frontignac grape, with it's impeccably balanced, perfect natural fruit sugars and exciting, toothsome flavours, makes the perfect sparkling rose coloured wine. Harvests are sourced from some of Yellowglen's finest vineyards. Grapes are crushed and gently pressed into fermenters for vinification at cooler temperatures to retain the beautifully lifted aromatics. Upon completion, batches are rested and inoculated for a secondary ferment in the traditional Charmat process, infusing the wine with creamy effervesence while introducing exciting complexities and building structure.
Soft rose pink colour, creamy mousse. Bella offers a bouquet of rosewater, musk and turkish delight. The luscious palate of this juicy effervescent wine displays raspberry, strawberry and soft stonefruit flavours, grape and honey muscat notes with just a hint of rose petals. A soft and fruity finish, the immensely satisfying textures of this more-ish wine make it just as good with food as it is without.
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