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Chardonnay Pinot Noir South Australia
Andrew Garrett Pinot Chardonnay has established an enviable reputation for quality and consistency. Years after founder entrepreneur Andrew Garrett parted with his fledgling estate, this unctuos sparkling Cuvee continues to represent heightened flavour profiles at an accessible pricepoint. A soft, well balanced sparkler from premium vineyards, exhibiting exciting effervescence, and a dry yet ripe fruit palate which expresses the natural varietal characters of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, in contemporary methode mousseaux styling.
Established in the early eighties in the McLaren Vale, Andrew Garrett Wines is regarded by consumers as a relaxed, unpretentious, successful brand that provides excellent value wines that are entirely approachable and reliable. Across the entire portfolio, Andrew Garrett embraces a range of distinguished wines that are diverse in origin and style, while still retaining the individual character of the grapes from which they were made. In distinctive and instantly appealing styling, Andrew Garrett Sparkling Cuvee are seen around bistro tables, and banquets throughout Australia. Perfect for relaxed drinking., good music, food and company, Garrett Cuvee N.V is all about taking the rime to look after yourself and unwind.
Lemony pale, a honey gold in colour with a creamy straw yellow mousse. Nose exhibits highlights of citrus and sweet stonefruit, tangy pineapple characters combined with a hint of nutteyness, and supple spicey overtones. A bouquet that is remarkably rich for a wine of it's range, Andrew Garrett offers nice yeasty complexity, aromas of cashew, applejack and creamy white nougat. Palate is deep and satisfying with a tangy effervescence and a fine bead that borders on creamyness. Flavours of chalky Chardonnay, strawberry and plummy Pinot fruit, balanced harmoniously to create an enjoyable sparkling wine, immensely suitable for any occasion or style of cuisine. Ideally suited to hors d'oeuvres, pasta and poultry dishes.
Andrew Garrett
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