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Jack Mann reigns eternal as the greatest winemaker in the history of the Australian west. Jack Mann's son Tony grew up amongst the vineyards of Houghton but took a keener interest in things Cricket. He exelled at both pursuits but is best remembered as the legendary leg spinner Tony Rocket Mann. During his off seasons away from the pitch, Tony would plant parcels of vine alongside his illustruious father Jack and his own young son Robert. The fully grown Robert now makes his own wine, from fruit of the very vines sown by Jack and Tony Mann. Robert learned from his grandfather that great winemaking required a spiritual oneness with nature. The birds and the bees play a pivotal role in achieving a harvest of the most personable grapes. The ultimate quality of the ferments are decided by.. Whence the west was won»
Kalleske are one of our nation's most distinguished winegrower families, Barossa through and through, heirs to the tradition of Prussian pastoralists who established South Australia as one of the world's great viticultural precincts. The family Kalleske were the quiet achievers behind the stellar quality of fruit, at the heart of the most memorable vintages Penfolds Grange. Old sites and ancient vines, a tally of which have been branded under the Atze's Corner label, a regal range of stately Barossa wines, irresistibly underpriced in terms of provenance, excellence and sheer delight. Spectacular bouquets, redolent of freshness, fragrance and fruit, astonishingly balanced to perfection, meaty, mouth filling palates, layered with punnets of savoury ripe berries, all wrapped in the type of.. Small batches of the barossa's very best»

Mike Press Adelaide Hills Rose CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Chardonnay Adelaide Hills South Australia
After much time spent travelling throughout the premiere viticole de France, Mike and Mrs Press fell in love with the Rosé of Provence, resolving to create a single vineyard effort from their very own property in Adelaide Hills. This is no cloying pink drink but a serious Adelaide Hills wine, fashioned from the timeless and enduring cépage of La Bourgogne. A mesmerising Rosé with the palate weight and depth of refined Pinot Noir, paradoxically offering the crispness and drying crystalline texture of the most elegant Chardonnay.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Brilliant rose red hues. Defined nose of red fruit, cherries and sasafras spice, orchard fruits, plum, red delicious and nectarine. Fine textural palate of apple and strawberry flavours, licorice anise, rosehip and turkish delifgt, over a length of drying tealeaf tannins. The accompaniement of choice with anything salmon, its good structure and length make it a match with pink lamb or sticky pork.
Mike Press
1 - 7 of 7
1 - 7 of 7
Mike Press
Mike Press Wines are located in the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Hills, setting the benchmark for quality wine at an outstanding price

With a string of awards, the secret to its success lies in a nurtured vineyard, more than four decades of experience, and a commitment to the consumer. Mike Press started his career with the best, working alongside Max Schubert at Penfolds before moving on to Seppelt and Krondorf. Mike Press was chief winemaker at Mildara Bass when they won the Jimmy Watson Trophy. He planted his Kenton Valley vineyard in 1998 to focus on growing quality grapes to on-sell. Boasting 85 acres of scenic beauty, Kenton Valley Vineyards, was chosen because of its cool climate, its altitude of 500 metres above sea level, and its rainfall, which is similar to Bordeaux in France. Initially the focus was on semi-retirement. Mike wanted to get in touch with the land by growing the best grapes possible and then on-selling at the end of vintage.

Mike Press

The idea of establishing and nurturing the vineyard and producing quality fruit without the marketing and commercial pressure was very appealing. But plans to sell grapes to large winemakers were quashed when the grape glut hit. With grape prices plummeting, they were unable to sell the fruit without making a massive loss. No longer able to make a good return on the fruits of their labour, Mike and wife Judy instead turned their hand to producing their own wine and entering it into shows. Suddenly they had an ever-growing supply of cleanskins that needed to be sold, so they hit the streets of Adelaide! After two years of letterbox dropping they established a decent sized mailing list and sent out three newsletters a year.

The response rate was overwhelming. The personal approach worked wonders and their customers loved the fact that Mike would personally deliver every box of wine to the door. The wine was originally sold as clean skins and literally sold itself. In fact, it sold out every year, and the accolades soon followed.

In a move almost unheard of, the clean skin wine was named a runner up for the most eagerly sought after wine award in Australia, the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for its 2005 Shiraz and Cabernet; and received three trophies and seven golds in 2006 at the Adelaide Hills Wine Show for its 2005 Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot.

Mike Press

It was then Mike and Judy decided to label the wine a decision which proved fruitful, seeing it recognised by the most renowned wine writers in the country. Reviews by the likes of Tyson Stelzer and Campbell Mattinson, led to the wine continually selling out, and in 2008 its Shiraz was bestowed the highest rated wine under $20 at the Edinburgh Great Shiraz Challenge. In 2009 it was the only single vineyard in Australia to have three wines in James Hallidays highly acclaimed top 100 wines with its 2008 Chardonnay, 2008 Cabernet and 2008 Shiraz. Further awards followed and then great success at the 2011 Adelaide Hills Wine Show when the 2010 Mike Press Shiraz was awarded the trophy not only for Best Shiraz, but also for Best Wine in Show.

In 2010 Mike Press Wines was listed in James Hallidays top 10 wines for the year; and this year, was named a five star winery in the 2011 edition of James Halliday's Australian Wine Companion. Despite the success, Mike and Judys philosophy remains unchanged, Mike Press Wines continues to be a family affair. With a staunch belief that good quality wine comes from a good vineyard, and a hands on approach, with Mike Press personally involved in every stage of the winemaking - from working the vineyard to bottling to continue to deliver quality wine at an affordable price, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, any time.

Mike Press