Mildara Galway Pipe 12 Year Old Grand Tawny

Shiraz Tokay Barossa South Australia
Named after Sir Henry Galway, Governor of South Australia from 1914 to 1920. Governor Galway was a frequent visitor to the Yalumba wineworks, on each occasion he would conduct a tasting of the finest 500 litres oak barrels of Port. Whichever was most to his liking was set aside and inscribed as Galway's Pipe, the particular blend that was to be used exclusively for service at Government House. The many components of today's Galway Pipe have an average age of twelve to fifteen years, precisely the same as it was back in Galway's day.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Tasting Galway Pipe represents a treat for the palate, whether you are an enthusiastic connoisseur or just beginning to experience the wonders of fortified wine. To this day, the barrels which carry and mature the batches of Galway Pipe play an important part in the winemaking process. Coopered from tightly grained select oaks, they are integral to the soothing and satisfying personna of the finished port. Whilst the final composition of Galway Pipe varies somewhat, it is normally blended from several batches of red varieties, including Shiraz and Tokay. The active ferments are arrested by the addition of a Yalumba made Brandy, retaining a fortified level of alcohol and enhancing the extraordinarily rich fruit characters.
Deep, dark tawny hues. A rich, rancio nose, currants and chocolate perfumes, liquorice aromas, sweet tobacco notes, marmalades, leather and musk. A pronounced aged character on the palate, supported by an exquisite freshness and followed by a long dry finish. Divine with crumbly aged cheddar and roasted chestnuts, or alongside coffee, ice cream and dessert.
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