Blue Pyrenees Shiraz 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Shiraz Pyrenees Victoria
Powerfully structured Shiraz wines share a long history with the parched and challenging, craggy aspects of Victoria's western districts. Viticulture was established at Avoca in 1846, Shiraz has been the varietal of choice ever since. Pyrenees Shiraz is a solid, big boned wine with swarthy tannins, bold fruit characters and enthusisatic complexity. The accomplished team at Blue Pyrenees have trained their vines to yield small bunches of Shiraz with exceptional flavour intensity, for a wine of disarming richness, astonishing balance and elegant, stately charm.
An artfully assembled c├ępage of pure Pyrenees Shiraz with judicious inclusions of locally grown Merlot and Viognier. Parcels are harvested from low yielding, weather exposed vines, stimlated by the challenging climes to yield fruit of amazing intensity, refined tannins and powerful structure. The aim is to infuse added softness, texture and complexity to a wine of pristine regional and varietal characters. Bunches are pressed and held for a term of cold soak, treated to a traditional vinification and macerations, followed by transfer to a selection of seasoned and new, French and American oak barriques for a course of eighteen months maturation. Alcohol 14.4%
Bright ruby red. The virile pepper notes of cool climate Shiraz, piquant Pyrenees spice, blueberries and choco plum over a background of cedar vanilla oak. Aromatic blueberry palate, seasoned by regional herb and spice notes, a middle palate of chocolates, vanilla and perfumes of mint. Ripe grape tannin structure, supporting the lingering fruit, shining all the way to the lengthy, drying finish.
Blue Pyrenees
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