Blue Pyrenees Chardonnay 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pyrenees Victoria
Chardonnay has been central to the Blue Pyrenees program, since the noble Maisons of Heidsieck and Krug settled on the Grampians, to create new world wines which could articulate the affinity between Victoria's western districts and the premier precincts of France. Ostensibly planted as the essential backbone for the finest sparkling, the brow raising matchstick style of incisive, contemplative Chardonnay, textural with delicately oaked peachyness, barrel ferment autolysis, persistent grapefuit piquancy and lingering mineral crispness.
It was in the early 1960s that the Pyrenees region became recognised for its potential, by virtue of a unique combination of deep gravely soils and cool climate conditions. Blue Pyrenees Estate is the coolest site within the Pyrenees region, with a diversity of microclimes enabling each clone to be planted in the best situation. Established 1963 as Ch√Ęteau Remy by the Champagne houses of Heidsieck and Krug, the Blue Pyrenees style has evolved into a unique wine that captures the perfect balance between new world technology and old world tradition. Following considerable development and experimentation, the inaugural release was in 1982, the rest as they say is history.
Blue Pyrenees
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