Compagnie Grands Vins Pierre Deville Sparkling Brut

Chardonnay Pinot Noir PinotMeuniere Seine et Marne France
Established in 1909, one of the founding fathers at Compagnie Francaise des Grands Vins was agronomist engineer Eugene Charmat, eponymous inventor of the fermentation technique now employed to create the majority of sparkling wines around the world. Vinified from the noble cepage of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, Pierre Deville Vin Mousseux is treated to an extended period of ageing on sedimentery yeast lees, infusing the wine with complexity and enriching the palate with creaminess, all balanced by a refreshingly dry and crisp finish.
Situated not far from the centre of Paris itself, within close proximity to the great vineyards of Champagne, Compagnie Fran├žaise des Grands Vins is France's largest and most conspicuous producer of sparkling wine. Parent company of the esteemed Charles Volner, Opera, Veuve Amiot and Muscador labels, CFGV have maintained a proud tradition of crafting France's most popular and approachable efferverscent wines for over a century. The cellar master applies his extensive expertise into creating Pierre Deville. A rigorous selection of Chardonnay, Pinots Noir and Meuniere, as treated to a rest and maturation on yeast lees is central to the ultimate quality and universal appeal of Pierre Deville Vin Mousseux.
Pale gold colour with fine persistent bead. Fruity aromas and light florals with delicate hints of nuttyness and lemon. Full flavours of stonefruit, citrus and melon, exhibiting rich yeasty compexity, light biscuit characters with just a hint of honey on the palate. The complete sparkling Brut, in the style of France's finest, Pierre Deville is balanced by crisp but gentle acids, an approachable wine that's fresh and clean, showing good length. A wine for all occasions and a variety of foods, hors d'ouvres and cheese, shellfish or fruit, and don't forget your favourite dessert.
Compagnie Grands Vins
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