Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco CONFIRM VINTAGE

Prosecco King Valley Victoria
Everyone knows that Prosecco is the perfect accompaniement to relaxed long lunches and fun filled nights, its irresistible fruity charm and crisp effervescence will turn every occasion into a big success with the girls. Brown Brothers are renowned for luscious, toothsome wines, their cool ripening vineyards in King Valley have long yielded the nation's most popular sparklers. So get the gang together and match Summer Edition with the most moreish desserts or cheesy nibbles.
Few winemakers can match the experience that Brown Brothers have had, realizing vintages of fruit filled, dulcet wines which can be enjoyed any time of day. The Brothers Brown are also renowned for their national flagship sparkling wines. Harvests of Prosseco are sourced from the Brown Brothers Banksdale vineyard in the upper reaches of Valley King. Grapes are picked later in the season and at a slightly higher levels of sugar baumé, to achieve a soft and fruit filled, easy to enjoy wine. After completion of primary vinification, batches are treated to the traditional Charmat process at five atmospheres of pressure, immediately bottled to retain creamy effervescence. Alcohol 12.0%
Fine bead, straw green hues. A delicate nose displaying apple and pear characters, the freshness and vibrancy for which Prosecco has no rival in the world of sparkling wine. Full of fruit on a layered, textural palate, softer, creamier and rounder, full of delicious fresh grape flavours, lemons and crisp citrus notes. The ideal sipping aperitif and perfect party starter, drink chiilled alongside your favourite fare.
Brown Brothers
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