Devils Lair Fifth Leg White Blend CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Western Australia
The auspicious Fifth Leg is being enjoyed by Australians at every occasion. But why five legs? The brand took it's name from the mysterious extra leg found among the fossilised remains of a Tasmanian devil in a cave near the Devil's Lair property. So drum roll please, step right up and groove to this big hitting white blend from Western Australia! Shake your thing with zesty Sauvignon Blanc, revel in the intense depth of Semillon, a touch of textural complexity and palate richness refreshed by bright acidity allows the wine to remain light and envigorating.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The essence of Fifth Leg are the resources and contacts of the Devil's Lair estate, to collate the best Western Australian grapes, to fashion wines which express true regionality. Sustainable land management and environmentally friendly viticultural techniques are the key. Diseases in the vineyard are kept at bay through intensive regimens, all the the vines are nurtured to yield the ripest, healthiest fruit. The finished wine is treated to maturation in squeaking clean tank to retain zing and vitality. The stylish harmony of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon makes a refreshing, classically dry, essentially fruit driven white wine, all and more that you would expect of a Fifth Leg.
Pale straw with lime green hues. Initial bursts of passionfruit and lychees are supported by aromas of fresh basil and red capiscum. Seamless from start to finish, Fifth Leg tastes of the sea. Fresh vibrant gooseberry and passionfruit with a clean crisp finish. A match with fried whitings, foie gras or chicken caesar.
Devils Lair
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