Argiano LO IGT Sangiovese Cabernet Merlot 2005 CONFIRM 2005 VINTAGE

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Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Montalcino Italy
Olive oil figures prominently in the history and culture of Montalcino. The picturesque, undulating slopes of the region were covered by olive groves long before vineyards were ever planted. L'Orciaia is a place where olive oil was stored in earthenware jars. Argiano L'O is the super tuscan cepage of Cabernet and Sangiovese with a fifth of Merlot, assembled from a tapestry of vineyard soils including light sands and limestone to clays and schist, lightly pebbled to hard and stony soils, all contributing bucolic complexity and textural minerality to the wine.
The name L'O is evocative of fragrances, the perfume of the land and it's terroir. L'O Sangiovese Cabernet Merlot is crafted to traditional methods with a view to employing state of the art techniques where quality standards are the priority. A collation of parcels from the vineyards of Malafede, Crocino and Cipressaia, beginning September with the early ripening Merlot, finishing early October with the later harvested Cabernet and Sangiovese. Components are crushed and juices vinified for several weeks followed by a course of malolactic to soften the tannins and intergrate fruit characters. Batches are then aged in a selection of French and American oak barriques under the Argiano estate cellars before assemblage.
Deep purple colour. Nose of wild fruits, blueberries and blackberry. Medium bodied, the Sangiovese brings earthy, cherry fruit notes to the bouquet followed by a touch of spice and vanilla from the oak. A well structured wine with supple tannins and the long luscious legs of a super Tuscan, exceptionally smooth on a finish of leather notes and tobacco, fine acidity making it perfect for good food.
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