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Right around the time that Frank Potts was planting his nascent Bleasdale Vineyards during the 1850s, an eccentric Prussian named Herman Daenke established a homestead along the banks of Bremer River, which he called Metala. The site was planted to viticulture by Arthur Formby in 1891 and became one of Langhorne Creek's most productive vineyards, it continues to supply fruit for a number of prestigious national brands. Legendary winemaker Brian Dolan took the radical step of bottling Metala under its own label in 1959 and won the inaugural Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1962. Two generations later, the brothers Tom and Guy Adams took a similar leap of faith and branded their Metala fruit as Brothers In Arms. The quality of wine re established Metala as a vineyard of global significance and claimed George Mackay Trophy as Australia's foremost export. Cohorts of the stately Langhorne Creek style will be pleased by the palate weight, structure and seamlessness of Brothers In Arms, grown, crafted and bottled by a family who have been supplying Australians with the most memorable vintages for six generations... The goodly farms of brothers in arms»

All Saints Golden Cream Sherry CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
Bored with pontificating wine bores? Had it with guests ruining your parties by endlessly droning on about the relative merits of French and American oak or the latest wine reviewer scores? If so, All Saints have the solution for you, revitalize your evenings with Golden Cream Sherry. Made from luscious Muscat of Alexandria grapes, which can trace their origins to the libations of pharoahs and bacchanalia of ancient Rome. In Australia Muscat is also known as Gordo Blanco and is the secret ingredient to some of the nation's favourite wines.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Great wine comes from the soil and speaks of where it is from. At All Saints Estate the deep sandy loam soils were carved from the granite of the mountains and then ground, mixed and shaped by the majestic River Murray. Vines planted long ago reach deep down for essential minerals and nutrients, drawing out the very essence of the place and concentrating it in each year's harvest of grapes. The oldest vineyard blocks of Muscat were planted just after the First World War. These old timers are picture postcard vines, weather beaten and twisted, defying the years to produce fantastic fruit. With careful nurturing, the vines yield the quality of fruit to craft luscious, world class fortified wines. Alcohol 18.0%
A bright tawny gold colour. Appealing aromas of luscious, freshly crushed grapes. These sensations are carried through onto the palate. The palate explodes with a profusion of fresh grape flavours adding a velvety texture to the wine, expressing the natural fruit sugar character of grapes picked late in the season at full ripeness. An appealing style of sherry that's already done its ageing, ready to be enjoyed upon release. With its mouthfilling flavours, All Saints can be sipped on its own or enjoyed alongside desserts.
All Saints
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