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Halls Gap Vineyard was planted 1969, along the steep eastern slopes and parched rocky crags of Grampians Ranges, at the very beginning of a renaissance in Victorian viticulture. Since early establishment in the 1860s by the noble Houses of Seppelt and Bests, the region had earned the most elite peerage, a provenance of extraordinary red wines, bursting with bramble opulence and lined with limousin tannins. The Halls Gap property had long been respected as a venerable supplier to the nation's most illustrious brands. Seppelt and Penfolds called on harvests from Halls Gap for their finest vintages. Until 1996, when it was acquired by the late, great Trevor Mast, who was very pleased to bottle Hall Gap's fruit behind the exhalted label of Mt Langi Ghiran. Halls Gap joined the tally of.. Land of the fallen giants»
Crafted from small parcels of single vineyard, Gippsland fruit, treated to the traditional old world regimens of whole bunch and wild yeast ferments. These are a range of new world Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to match the classic Cru La Bourgogne, the cool ripening climes provide the perfect chill to encourage velvet tannins. Home Block Chardonnay, a big burgundian style with weighty palate and outstanding length, driven by powerful orchard fruit complexity, supported by textural and seductive, creamy oak richness. Exclusively Myrtle Point grown Pinot Noir, its bright sassafras, cherry fruit complexity is supported by charming pastoral elegance, a touch of barnyard, French oak sophistication and the soundest structure... All that's good from gippsland »

Valdespino Pedro Ximenez El Candado CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pedro Ximenez Jerez Spain
Valdespino is one of the most treasured Sherries. El Candado is made from Pedro Ximenez grapes which are left out in the sunshine for at least a fortnight after harvest. The grapes slowly dehydrate, absorbing the unique and discernible characters of the Mediterranean as they turn into raisins. The sugar levels rise and the fruit is crafted into a wine showing an intense mahogany colour and alluring bouquet of aged rancio fruit. The palate is velvety rich, endowed with layers of complexity, remarkably smooth with a long and clean, exquisite aftertaste.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Valdespino are as old as Sherry itself, they still source fruit from from the first estate vineyard, established in the thirteenth century by Alfonso Valdespino. Generations of winemakers at Valdespino have made major contributions to the art of Sherry making. Valdespino employs the ancient Solera system, rackings and progressive elevation of the barrels to higher tiers, as the wines slowly age under a film of protective flor yeasts, ensuring consistency and quality in a fortified which is an assemblage of vintages. The Sherry cases are stacked in rows, the older ones are classed into ascending ages of Criadera, replenished as they mature with stocks of younger wine. Alcohol 18.0%
Golden mahogany colour. A very elegant nose of raisins and figs, muscat, jaffas and musk. A rich and velvety palate, full of dried fruit flavours and an unparalleled array of dessert flavours. To be enjoyed as a satisfying aperitif, alongside sweet or savoury pastries. Sublime with cheeses, magnificent when poured over ice cream. It cooks beautifully and contributes marvelous richness to pan sauces or meat glaze.
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