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Prosecco King Valley Victoria
Prosecco is a variety of grape and style of wine, as well as Denominazione di origine controllata in northeast Italy. Sparkling Prosecco is made using the traditional Charmat method and the best examples come from cooler, slow ripening sites. Some of the Brown Brothers finest vineyards are fortuitously positioned on elevated aspects in the King Valley, where Prosecco has found a new home in climes so very similar to its origins in the Veneto region of Italy.
Prosecco grapes thrive in cool growing conditions, inspiring the Brown Brothers team to plant vines on the chilly slopes of their Banksdale property, 485 metres above sea level in the upper reaches of the King Valley. The fruit is picked later and at a slightly higher baume, to deliver a soft and well rounded, approachable young wine. Although the wine is fermented to dry, the extra time fruit spends hanging on the vine allows grapes to develop more intense flavours and aromas. After primary vinification the wine was fermented, Metodo Italiano or Charmat method, in tank to five atmospheres of pressure and bottled promptly to retain the bubbles, achieving an easier to enjoy style of sparkling. Alcohol 11.5%
Straw colour with subtle green hues. Delicate nose displaying pear and apple characters. Exhibits the freshness and vibrancy for which Prosecco is renowned, late picked fruit achieves a softer, rounder palate full of crisp citrus notes. This refreshing sparkler is made to drink young while at its light and delicate best. Prosecco is a great drink to kick off an evening and enjoy throughout the night.
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