Jim Barry Watervale Riesling 2017 CONFIRM 2017 VINTAGE

Riesling Clare Valley South Australia
The tiny village of Watervale, situated just south of Clare township with a population of 246, is internationally renowned for the quality of its Riesling. It has long delivered some of the nation's most distinguished and memorable wines. Jim Barry was a recent pioneer in the region, foreseeing the resurgence in demand for quality Rieslings grown to fully mature vines. Fashioned to be a splendid aperitif style immediately upon release, a number of distinctly different yeast strains which are employed to ferment the fruit, contribute a lovely but supple complexity.
Jim Barry maintains the traditions of a family operation committed to producing quality wines through an innovative approach to viticulture with a firm grasp of ancient techniques and modern technology. The growing seasons and ripening conditions surrounding Jim Barry's Watervale vineyards, even at times of severe drought, have the effect of concentrating the sugars and developing some marvelous natural acids within the Riesling grapes. Due in no small part to the innate talents of the founding father at selecting superior sites with favourable microclimes, Jim Barry Watervale proves its resilience, producing Riesling that displays generous flavours and a rich concentration of fruit. Alcohol 12.0%
Hay coloured with green hues. Lifted aromas that jump out of the glass, ginger, spicey preserved lemon, red grapefruits and Tahitian limes. The palate is juicy and full, floral, generous and perfumed with a refreshing backbone of natural grape acidity, finishing zesty, clean and crisp. A wine that's built for enjoyment upon release, also offers the structure for bottle development. Enjoy Jim Barry with crustacea or fried whiting.
Jim Barry
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