Hardys No Preservatives Cabernet 2010 CONFIRM 2010 VINTAGE

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Cabernet Sauvignon Riverland Riverina New South Wales
Hardy Wines command an impressive array of viticultural assets throughout Australia from which to allocate the right fruit for each unique winestyle. Hardys have developed vineyards that are highly specialized to yield grapes exclusively trained and husbanded for a non preservative wine. Focusing on ripe and healthy, highly flavoured Cabernet fruit grown to the sultry microclimes of Riverland and the Riverina, Hardys have fashioned a scrumptuous wine without the use of any additives, purely for the purpose of enjoying good Australian Cabernet without additives.
A highly flavoursome and aromatic Cabernet, styled to express the soft ripe fruit flavours typical of healthy fruit. Vineyards in the vicinity of the winery are machine harvested in the cool of the night to reduce the risk of oxidation. The overriding principle throughout the vinification is at all stages to minimise the handling of the fruit and wine. Hardys selects grapes for their No Added Preservatives range which are at the riper end of the spectrum, to reduce handling and to retain the natural fruit balance and acidity. This allows Hardys to use all the modern viticultural methods available to produce a vibrant Cabernet wine, that's deeply favourful, forward drinking and easy to enjoy.
Ruby colour. Lively bouquets of blackerry and currant, hints of mint and of cassis, spices and sweet clove. The palate is fresh and well structured showing heaps of blackcurrant fruit, hints of vanilla with cocoa, cigar box and earth. A fresh fruit driven wine created for pure drinking pleasure, enjoy with meat or vegetarian casseroles, pastas and grills or ripe, tasty cheese.
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