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An illustrious vineyard winery of great historical import, the Kay Brothers Amery property is planted to sacred vines which can be traced back to cuttings transplanted from the original Hardy site at Tintara. Holding pride of place as one of Mclaren Vale's first commercial vineyards, the winemaking practices at Kay Brothers have remained largely unchanged since establishment in the nineteenth century. An ancient basket press, painted bright red, is still employed to gently crush grapes in the traditional old world way. The exquisite Kay Brothers range remains one of the most sensational values in superior vintages of new world wine, the fruit of distinguished.. The essence & excellence of old mclaren vale vines»
Planted to a rocky hillock just east of township Clare, Mocandunda is a collaboration of three well seasoned vignerons, the Messrs Heinrich, Ackland and Faulkner. Heinrich grows fruit for a number of the nation's leading labels, Faulkner is one of Clare Valley's most accomplished agronomists, Ackland established the illustrious Mount Horrock Wines. Mocandunda was years in the making, one of the highest altitude terroirs in all Clare Valley, the extended autumns and dry grown vines, encourage a exceptional ripening of grapes, intense with varietal characters, magnificently balanced between natural fruit sugars, acidity and tannin. Mocandunda sell the lion's.. The craggy copse on valley clare»
Excruciatingly low yields, a ruthless hand sorting of fruit, ferments in new oak barrels and twenty months maturation, Bowen Estate are one of Coonawarra's most prestigious marques, maintaining a standard of excellence which merits inclusion into the highly prestigious Langtons Classification of Australian Wine. Essential for every enthusiast of stellar quality Cabernet Sauvignon, brought within easy reach this week at the down to earth.. Excellent langtons classification of australian wine»
Right around the time that Frank Potts was planting his nascent Bleasdale Vineyards during the 1850s, an eccentric Prussian named Herman Daenke established a homestead along the banks of Bremer River, which he called Metala. The site was planted to viticulture by Arthur Formby in 1891 and became one of Langhorne Creek's most productive vineyards, it continues to supply fruit for a number of prestigious national brands. Legendary winemaker Brian Dolan took the radical step of bottling Metala under its own label in 1959 and won the inaugural Jimmy Watson Trophy in 1962. Two generations later, the brothers Tom and Guy Adams took a similar leap of faith and.. The goodly farms of brothers in arms»

Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand
Babich can lay singular claim to coaxing some of the most articulate varietal wines from both of New Zealand's majestic Isles. This eminent winemaking estate pioneered the dearly loved Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc genre, it endures to this day in a fuller, riper, softer style that drinks beautifully on release. An assemblage of fruit grown to finer Marlborough vineyards has been seamlessly fashioned into a tropical, refreshing and clean wine that calls for chicken caesar and the freshest fish.
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Established amongst the kauri gum fields of New Zealand's northlands early last century, Babich have become one of the most eminent labels. Their reputation for making great wine extends far beyond the land of the long white cloud. Babich operate over a hundred hectares of choice Marlborough vineyards and source grapes from the best local growers. Abundant sunshine and dry autumns encourage grapes to develop under a long, slow, ripening period that intensifies flavours. Following the harvest, grapes are quickly crushed and pressed into fermenters, juices are vinified at controlled cool temperatures to capture and retain the intense varietal fruit.
Pale straw colour. Gooseberry, herbal and tropical nose, lifted herbals and lime, notes of wet pebble and gun smoke. A delicious palate entry that's of sun ripened stone fruits, grapefruits and white berry, layered with rock melon before a zesty, long herbal passionfruit finish, quite literally mouthwatering! A well balanced wine, its luscious creamy texture mates well with food.
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