Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Crouchen Riesling King Valley Victoria
Mouthfilling flavours and the natural sweetness of ripe grapes, luscious aromas of pear, pineapple and melon, lively and clean. An irresistible wine of measured sweetness balanced by crispness and refreshing acidity. Crouchen hails from the French Pyrenees where it's no longer grown in any quantity. Brown Brothers are one of the few remaining custodians and have designed some of Australia's favourite wines out of the variety. Perfect at anytime, the ideal accompaniement to seafood or pasta, desserts and cakes or tasty cheese.
Brown Brothers make one of Australia's most popular table whites from a blend of Crouchen and Riesling grapes. Originally from southern France, Crouchen can now be found in parts of Australia where it grows vigorously, producing a wine of fine form and good body with enticing flavours and delicate finish. Riesling, on the other hand, is one of the native grapes of Germany's Mosel River. Blended together they make a stylish and flavoursome wine with super length of flavour and a distinctive stamp of elegance. Brown Brother harvest their fruit parcel by parcel, as grapes achieve full ripeness, at the healthiest levels of baume, bottled immediately after vinification to retain juicyness. Alcohol 9.5%
A bright pale straw colour with youthful green tinge. The nose is lifted with passionfruit, ripe pear and peach, honeydew and mild spice. There are persistent floral characters which occupy the senses even as you slurp through this gluggable cup of juicy fruit. To be served well chilled and enjoyed whilst young and fresh.
Brown Brothers
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